Communication Disorders Foundation of Virginia

As longtime SHAV members may recall, generous supporters of the Communication Disorders Foundation have been acknowledged in issues of the SHAV-A-GRAM for many years.  In 2013, an expanded list, including auction participants as well as monetary donors, began appearing annually in the winter issue.  A few years later, the donor list, along with other news from the CDF page in the SAG, was added to the website you are now viewing.  In other words, the list was available in both places.  But change is here again!  Now, in 2018, the comprehensive list of last year’s donors will appear only on this website to accommodate its increasing length and periodic need for updating.  And so it is that we electronically thank the following wonderful people and organizations:


Auction item donors - Individual

Anastasia Raymer                                        Andrea Brewer
Cliff Bruce

Debora Forrester
Diane Hurwitz                                      Diane Shelton
Donna Soyars                                          Ed Vann
Elizabeth Edens                                  Fredia Helbert

Gayle Daly
Jacquelyne Ragland
Janet Stack
Judy Rassi
Leah Blackman
Linda Meyer

Lissa Power deFur
Lori Gardner
Margaret McElroy
Nancy Wampler
Pat Dewey
Patti Peters
Peggy Agee                                        Sarah Peters
Scott Rankins


Old Dominion University
WPS Publishing

University NSSLHA groups

Hampton University                            James Madison University
Longwood University

Old Dominion University

Radford University
University of Virginia

Gifts in kind

Amanda Lawson, student helper
CDF Board of Trustees—planning,         coordinating                                        Craven Management firm—arrangements   for exhibit table, auction, and charge   capability                                            Donna and Jim Soyars, volunteer helpers Glenn Gatzke, CDF brochure updates  Kadie Corder, student helper       
Karen Cersley, Web Master                  Kelly Dixon, student helper                          Phil Peters, volunteer helper                        Ray Dewey, volunteer helper
SHAV Board of Directors--support with          room, food 
Shields Jones, volunteer auctioneer  Susan Myers, student helper


Auction item purchasers

Amy Martin
Amy Weldson
Anastasia Raymer
Andrea Brewer
Angela Moss

Ann Martin

Belinda Greds
Brenda Seal
Brittany Lewis
Carlene Kelly
Carrie Cilento
Cindy  O’Donaghue
Colette Reynolds
Corey Annuciata
Dana Daru
Deb Forrester
Debbie Goodman
Diane Shelton
Dianne Yenerall
Donna Bryant
Donna Hepner
Dorothy Wise
Ed Vann
Elizabeth Edens
Erin Clinard
Fredia Helbert
Gabriell Condecido
James Soyars
Jessica Rice
Johanna Klein
Judy Turcott

Kaitlynne Gibbs
Kaneez Fatina

Karen Black
Karen Nelson
Kelly DiCao
Kelly Hall
Linda Meyer
Lissa Power deFur

Luanne Conrad
Margaret Bruckhart
Martha Reulle
Nancy O'Hare
Nancy Wampler
Nickie Foster
Pat Dewey
Pat Mason
Patti Peters

Peggy Agee
Rachel Johnson
Renee Garett
Sandra Woolfenden
Scott Rankins

Shannon Salley
SHAV Management firm (Verbalina)
Shields Jones
Stacey Brosnan
Tricia Wertz

Vanessa Mayer
Wendy Pulliam

Monetary donors

Professional/Corporate Donors

Richmond Hearing Doctors
UVA Curry School of Education

Individual donors for the 2016-2017 SHAV Membership Year and 2017 Conference Year

Amy Martin
Anastasia Raymer

Brenda Seal
Carla Williams
Carrie Fleming
Charlene Valenzuela
Cheryl Brenton
Christine Carter
Cynthia Carwile
Darlene Robke
Deborah Brown
Deborah Williams
Donna Rexroth-Kennedy
Donna Soyars
Elizabeth Johnson
Filip Loncke
Janet Freeman
Judith Turcott
Kamilah Jewell
Katrina Eid
Kellyn Hall
Leigh Anne Phillips
Lissa Power-deFur
Patricia Grosse
Patricia Johnson
Patti Peters
Peggy Agee
Rachel Smith
Scott Rankins
Shelly Redd
Stephanie Bailey
Susan Payne
Vanessa Mayer
Victoria Bunch
Wendy Pulliam

Other individual donors

Brenda Seal
Christina Clarke
Edward Vann
Elizabeth Edens
Geralyn Timler
Jim Nicely
Judy Rassi
Katherine Moore
Kenzie VanDerwerker
Margaret McElroy
Scott Rankins and Anita Schmidt
Shannon Salley
Susan McGlothlin

Tommy Davis

And thus another annual listing of thoughtful, caring donors is entered into CDF records.  Thank you one and all!  As we make our way through 2018 on this shared professional journey, please continue to remember the CDF motto--Supporting Achievement, Honoring Excellence--with your time and treasure.  The need is greater than ever.  [NOTE:  If you notice errors in the above account, please let us know.]